Shades of Green
What is your shade of green?

Are you a rich green cost cutter? An unchangeable green cheapskate? A sparingly green philosopher? Or do you have a different shade of green? Corporate Facility Partners, Facility Management Nederland and Dutch Green Building Council investigated the way that we deal with the sustainability performance of our buildings. Deriving from this research eight different segments of end users have been determined: eight shades of green. The segments are based on a scientific research among 331 end users of buildings in the Netherlands.

By answering three questions, you are able to determine your own shade of green. You can also see how large your segment is. Furthermore, you will find a number of tips to (further) green your organisation and you can download the results of this research.

Answer these three questions.

Question one
Are you willing to invest in the improvement of the sustainability performance of your building(s)? And if so, which maximum payback period would you accept?
Question two
What is the most important goal when investing in improvement of the sustainability performance?
Question three
Are you actively searching for information regarding sustainability?
Rich green cost cutter
Intuitive green investor
Look, but don't buy
Unchangable green cheepskate
Sparingly green philosopher
Green dreamer
Persistent green frontrunner
Enterprising green do'er
You are a…